Sales Representation – Airline
The company has solid networks for professional cargo sales representation of airlines (GSA or CSA) including marketing, sales, customer service, in-out operations, payment collection, cargo claim and any other aspect required for the airline’s cargo business within its systemized program. (June 2012~)

The company had represented two major airlines – PSGR airline (DL) Y2012~2019 and Cargo freighter airlines (7L) Y2014-Y2019 in South Korea and JS International Korea is well prepared to be your Sales Representation in South Korea for Cargo freighters sales and PSGR flight cargo sales as well.

Strong relationship with over 150 freight forwarders including over 20 global accounts
Various marketing activities to enhance its brand image
Diverse experience for special cargo – Hazardous Materials, Live Animals, Human Remains, Equation Critical Shipments, E-commerce, Airmail and freighter size shipments as well.

The best partner to have “an outstanding performance” ready for YOU!
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Sales Representation – Airline
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