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JS International Korea was founded in 2014 by Mr. KS Moon as an exclusive CSA (Cargo Sales Agent) of SILKWAY WEST AIRLINES (7L) in South Korea (Y2014~Y2019) with a strong financial banking from Delta Cargo Agency, formerly cargo sales GSA (General Sales Agent) for Delta Airlines (DL) in South Korea (Y2012~Y2019).

Mr. KS Moon’s 28 years in-depth knowledge of international air freight for GSA (General Sales Agent) & CSA (Cargo Sales Agent) with airlines was utilized in favor of expanding JS International Korea’s main mission to offer a wide variety of specialized class solution in this distribution industry field.

The company began operating as GSA & CSA for airlines and later developed additional complex tools for its clientele. These include door to door freight solutions for all types of cargo and service needs – Hazardous materials, Non-standard sizes, Time critical shipments of all sizes, E-commerce and Less expensive shipments options and more.

A unique aspect of JS International Korea’s business is that it serves exclusively the freight companies and airlines and never to the end customer. This is how the company remains completely neutral and avoids any conflict of interest with its customers.

The company operates successfully in competitive markets in South Korea as follows:

Air Freights
Sea Freights
Air Mail
Special and Technical Handling Freights
Project Air Cargo (Full or 1/2 charter arrangement)

The companybuilds solid partnerships with following companies to meet clients’ satisfactions in South Korea:

TGO Worldwide Inc – Sea freight arrangement (Export & Import)
W.L Korea – Incheon International Airport (Export, Import and Warehouse)
BEAG MA Logistics – Inland transportation, Delivery and Courier service
Incheon & Pusan Port Logistics Center – Warehouse at Sea ports
HEUNGSHIN Customs Corp – Customs Clearance

The company expands global networks and partnerships to rapidly and flexibly adapt demand to supply:

Ensuring rapid and smooth management without internal bureaucratic obstacles and with quick decision marking at all levels
Standing at the technological forefront using the most advanced management tools, service and operations in the world, developed especially for the company’s needs and the nature of its business

Over the years, the company has developed a close relationship with stringently chosen professional agents around globe that share its worldview and enable it to serve its customers worldwide according to its core values.

Always willing to go ahead for “Working together and Happy together” with YOU!

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